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Panorama von Zuerich

The relocation company between Meilen und Zurich: ALL MOVE.ch

So moving gets easier for you.

Packaging material


For over 25 years, we provide packaging material for our costumers, which you can either buy or rent.


packaging material

packaging material

To store a whole household nice and neat, it only needs four different sizes of cartons.

These four are:

  • 1. book boxes: 500x300x350mm (0.053m³)
    retail sale: CHF 4.-, from 10 pieces up: CHF 3.-.
  • 2. clothes boxes: 600x410x350mm (0.086m³)
    retail sale: CHF 6.-from 10 pieces up: CHF 3.-.
  • 3. glassware boxes: 500x500x700mm (0.173m³ or 75 drinking glasses)
    retail sale: CHF 15.-.
  • 4. clothes boxes with a clothes rail: 510x510x1380mm (0.359m³)
    retail sale: CHF 15.-.

When we do a complete move for you, you can rent our cartons as well. Please fill out our online-offer-form to see our prices.